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  • Weighs correspondence envelopes and packages up to a maximum of 5 kg;
  • Weighing platform 20 cm x 20 cm;
  • Easy-to-read, 4-digit LCD display;
  • Determine the exact weight for the package - you will never pay more kilo than necessary;
  • LCD screen displays weight in easy-to-read digital format, kilograms/grams or pounds/ounces;
  • Useful in any office, easy to store in most drawers;
  • The “Hold” function locks the weight display for 10 seconds after the weighed product is removed. Convenient when the large package or envelope blocks viewing the display;
  • “Tara” function allows you to weigh the contents of a package, without the weight of the package;
  • Automatic shutdown when the scale is not used to save battery power;
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included);
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Digital Postal Scale Dymo 5KG M5 S0929000 929000

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Digital Postal Scale Dymo 5KG was designed to provide you with the convenience of weighing envelopes and packages in your home or office up to 5 kg.

This scale conveniently locks the weight display for 10 seconds when the screen is obscured by a large item, features a tare function for weighing items in containers and shuts off automatically to prolong the life of your battery.

Small and compact, this scale can fit easily on a desk or in most drawers when not in use.

“Hold” feature locks weight display for 10 seconds – convenient when large package or envelope blocks view of display

Compact, accurate scale weighs envelopes and packages up to 5 kg

Tare function – weigh items in a container minus weight of container Reduce risk of under - or over-paying for postage using the digital display Automatic shut-off when the scale is not in use – conserves battery power
  • Digital accuracy reduces risk of over paying or underpaying postage
  • This digital scale offers an easy-to-read 4-digit LCD display
  • "Hold" features displays weight for 10 seconds after you remove package or envelope; LED indicator when active
  • Space saving compact design
  • Tare Feature allows you to weigh contents in container
  • Perfect for envelopes and small packages
  • Runs on 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Low Battery Warning

Package includes: Digital Postal Scale Dymo 5KG, User Manual

Warranty Information: 1 year

The scale should be situated on a flat, level, and stable surface. The scale platform should be securely fastened to the scale sub-platform.

The scale can be affected by electrical and RF (Radio Frequency) interference. Operation near power transmission lines is not recommended.

Operation near appliances which switch on and off with heavy currents (letter openers, copiers, microwave ovens) is not recommended.

The recommended operating temperature for the scale is room temperature around 25⁰C (77⁰ Fahrenheit). Allow the scale three hours to adjust to a the new climate if the scale was stored in a location a hot/cold environment.

If the scale is to be operated in environments above or below room temperature, it is recommended that the scale be re-calibrated in that environment after a three hour adjustment period.

Check if we have a scale in one category wich can help you in your project!

See video presentation for 180kg Dymo Scale here!

Weigh envelopes and packages up to 5kg with the DYMO M5 Digital Postal Scale.

Connect via USB to your PC or Mac to use with popular mailing/shipping.

We invite you to Sanco Grup to test one of the most appreciated Dymo scale or otehr products wich can make your life nicer.

Package Contents: Cantar postal M5, manual de utilizare

Range: Dymo

Material: Metal

Color: Black

Power Supply: 3 x baterii AAA (nu sunt incluse)


Am cumparat cantarul Dymo M5, pe cartea tehnica iti da un link pt. folosirea acestuia pe PC, dar nu functioneaza acest link pt a descarca scala acestuia! Am sunat la SANCO si am fost preluat de serviciul tehnic, care nu stia nimic de acest cantar si a promis ca revine cu un mail , ceea ce nu s-a intamplat! pe langa am fost sfatuit sa folosesc cantarul ca atare si sa nu-l mai conectez la PC. Nu inteleg de ce l-am cumparat daca nu merge pe PC!!!
eram incantat de el, dar se pare ca e ca celelalte oferte de 2lei, de la care nu trebuie sa ai pretentii!

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