RAPID Rapid Wide Spread Nozzle for PRO Glue Guns, metal, with 4 outlet holes 5000201

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Rapid Wide Spread Nozzle

is 4WS (

wide spread



, which makes several thin lines. Ideal for carton sealing, flooring and carpet fixing. Compatible with Rapid glue gun EG320, EG340, EG360 and EG380.


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Rapid Wide Spread Nozzle for PRO Glue Guns, metal, with 4 outlet holes 5000201

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Rapid Wide Spread Nozzle, high quality, for professional craftsmen. Made of durable metal, is provided with 4 outlet holes that can release small amounts of glue in very thin lines.

The nozzle is made of hard steel with a bronze finish for optimal durability and easy cleaning.

They fit perfectly with the Rapid glue guns:
Ideal for closing cardboard boxes, fixing wooden floors and carpets.

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