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Manual Staplers - rapid-classic-k1-stapling-pliers

Rapid Classic Pliers K1

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Staple guns

Staple guns are good for fastening a variety of materials. You can for instance use them to attach roofing felt or plastic wrap when renovating, and also for textiles and leather in upholstery projects.

With a little imagination, you will find good use for staple guns in many situations. Rapid offers staple guns, hammertackers and wide range of staples and brads, for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Manual Staple Guns 


Probably the most common and what most people bring to mind when they hear staple gun. Manual staple guns are used by professionals, DIY enthusiasts and hobby users alike.

As they are manual, they are easy to carry with you, easy to handle and perfect for project that require a limited amount of staples.

As with any manual tool that you use extensively it can make you fatigue. Some are constructed in plastic for lighter tasks whereas others are made of aluminium or steel for longer lifetime and more demanding work.

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