DYMO Label maker Dymo Letratag XR vintage 2186816 S0883990 S0901180

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2186816 S0883990 S0901180

  • Print in 4 font sizes, 6 text styles
  • Versatile, reliable and easy to use both at home and in the office. It will help you avoid clutter.
  • The most famous Dymo label maker and the most used labeling system in the world.
  • The graphic display lets you see the font styles on the screen, so you know exactly what you're printing every time.
  • Uses Dymo Letratag labels available in a variety of colors and materials so you can customize the labels to suit your needs.
  • Direct thermal printing technology – no need for toners or ink cartridges
  • Uses original Dymo LetraTag consumables for high-quality printing, made of paper, plastic, including the metallic version and Iron On clothes tags
  • Dymo Letratag labels with a label width of 12 mm
  • Type quickly on the ABC keyboard;
  • Prints on 1 or 2 lines on the label (12 mm wide);
  • Quick setting for the date to appear on the label;
  • Take advantage of the memory with 20 labels;
  • Library with 195 symbols;
  • User-friendly navigation buttons for quick access to special features;
  • Print resolution 180 Dpi
  • Save energy: automatic shutdown function when not in use
  • Powered by 6 X AA batteries (not included)
  • Applications: Home organization, albums, cards and invitations, gifts, holiday decor, diary, photo history
  • Where we can use it: Organization with labels in the kitchen, bathroom, storage areas, toys, crafts, clothes labels, school supplies
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Label maker Dymo Letratag XR it is provided with the ABC keyboard. It has a large graphic display, to view the label before printing.

Small, stylish and super portable, the Dymo LetraTag XR portable labeler is the ideal label maker for your home. Print on a variety of colorful labels, plus add popular text features like multiple font styles, underline, bold, text size, and more.

Its graphic display lets you see the effects of fonts on screen, so you know exactly what you're printing every time.

Depending on the application, with the Dymo LetraTag XR label maker, retro model, you can print on one or two lines.

The settings allow you to layout labels choosing from 4 text sizes, 6 fonts and over 190 common symbols.

The quick navigation keys of the Dymo LetraTag XR portable label maker will help you save time! ABC keyboard!

The menu of this labeler allows you to insert the date on the label, in day-month-year or month-day-year format, when you need to specify the production date on a product (see food samples in restaurants or packages in the freezer)

Atention! The label will take over the date set in the device. When replacing the batteries, be sure to set the date again. This portable printer model does not retain this setting.

Dymo LetraTag XR vintage is a portable printer.

You don't need toners, cartridges or ribbons!

Although it is thermally printed, the label resists very well over time, at temperatures up to 60⁰C.

Being an economic class label maker, it is limited in functions and available consumables.
For outdoor applications (outside, in the rain or in environments with extreme temperatures) we offer other solutions from the Dymo Labelmanager or Dymo Industrial range. See outdoor labels.

The Dymo LetraTag XR label maker works with 6 AA alkaline batteries (not included in the package).

The energy saving function (it closes automatically after 2 minutes of inactivity) helps to extend the life of the batteries!

Consumables used

A Dymo LetraTag label maker (regardless of the model) uses paper, plastic or nylon label strips with a width of 12 mm, in a varied range of colors (red, yellow, blue, green, metallic silver and even transparent).

LetraTag Iron-On nylon labels (labels for children's clothes) are printed by heat transfer. For this type of label the box contains the label tape and the printing ribbon. You do not need other consumables! Attaching these labels on clothes or other textiles is done with the help of an iron (heated to a maximum of 170 degrees Celsius, without steam)!
See here how !

Where we use it

LetraTag was the first label maker produced by Dymo, which works with batteries. It is remarkable how this LetraTag labeling device can use 2 printing methods: direct thermal printing and thermal transfer (only on Iron On nylon tapes).

Letratag is the only labeller in the DYMO range that can do this!

We suggest that when you use transparent labels, be careful where you apply them. The writing will always be black!

Dymo LetraTag portable printers use labels with 12 mm tape widths.

Cassettes with tape width 12 mm, white color, are the most used tape widths in the range of self-adhesive labels from Dymo.

Original Dymo Letratag labels

It is possible that this printer model cannot answer all labeling challenges. That's why for advanced labeling solutions we recommend another professional labeling device from the Dymo Labelmanager range or a thermal printer from the Labelwriter range.

Use only genuine DYMO products for durable labeling solutions!

Etichete Originale

This printer model may not be able to meet all of the labeling challenges. That's why for advanced labeling solutions we recommend another professional labeling device from the Dymo Labelmanager range or a thermal printer from the Labelwriter range.

For excellent labeling results use only original Dymo labels!

Etichete originale DymoEtichete originale DymoEtichete originale Dymo

DYMO is committed to maximizing your efficiency while investing in environmental protection – one label – one time!

DYMO invests for a sustainable future:

DYMO has a dedicated team that analyzes government and country specific requirements for product compliance, safety and sustainability and we are actively involved in going beyond and beyond protecting our environment.

Etichete originale Dymo
FSC© certified for DYMO® LabelWriter™ paper and DYMO® LetraTag™ paper labels.

Etichete originale Dymo
27% lower energy consumption, during production since 2016.

Etichete originale Dymo
BPA free for LabelWriter™ labels.

Etichete originale Dymo
+40% of DYMO® labels are produced using „Water based solvents“.

Etichete originale DymoEtichete originale Dymo
ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified since 1998 to monitor quality management and impact of operations on the environment..

Etichete originale Dymo
100% recycled material used for external cassette.

Etichete originale Dymo
No Ink – No Toner = Less Waste!

Etichete originale Dymo
Rechargeable batteries for majority of DYMO machines!

Etichete originale Dymo
73% reduced use of fresh water during production between 2009 – 2019.

Etichete originale Dymo
All DYMO products are REACH and RoHS compliant.

  • Type quickly on the ABC keyboard;
  • The large graphic display that allows you to view the label text on the screen before printing;
  • Print in 4 font sizes, 6 text and border styles;
  • Library with 195 symbols;
  • Device menu labeled in 18 languages. It does not contain the Romanian language;
  • Energy saver with automatic shutdown after 2 minutes of inactivity;
  • Easy-to-use navigation buttons for quick access to special features;
  • Prints on 1 or 2 lines on the label (12 mm wide);
  • Print on paper, plastic, metal and flexible nylon labels with hot glue (Iron-On);
  • Uses 6 AA batteries (not included)

Attention! The LetraTag XR label printer Blue does not have the option of using a network adapter!

Letratag consumables 
  •     Letratag labels withstand washing machine, dishwasher, microwave! They stick and stay glued!
  •     Not recommended for labeling on curved surfaces, wires or cables! For cable labeling, we only recommend "flag" labeling.

Applications and tips

Files and bibliographies. DYMO products will help you organize yourself easily. From files and binders to staplers and rulers, all your items can be labeled, thus avoiding unnecessary discussions at the office.

Organization at home. DYMO labels help with home savings, spring cleaning, moving and many of life's memorable moments. Label and keep in order power or connection cables, extension cords, sockets and plugs, packages in the freezer and many others.

  • Product type: Label maker
  • Color: Grey
  • Industries: Administration, Horeca, Retail, Health, Services
  • Printer resolution: 180 dpi
  • Printing method: Direct thermal
  • Print speed: 7 mm/s
  • Keyboard: ABC
  • LCD screen: Yes
  • Actuation type: Electronic
  • Cutter type: Manual
  • Label width: 12 mm
  • Type of Labeling Machine: Office
  • Portable: Yes
  • Weight: 244 g
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 118 x 75 x 32 mm
  • Warranty: 1 + 1 year

The package includes: DYMO LetraTag XR label maker, original Dymo Letratag tape white paper 12 mm x 4m (S0721510), user manual, warranty certificate. The user manual in Romanian can be downloaded for free.

Package Contents: 1 x Aparat etichetat Dymo Letratag XR vintage 2186816 S0883990 S0901180, 1 x Banda originala Dymo Letratag hartie alba 12 mm x 4m (S0721510)

Resolution (Dpi): 180 DPI

Power Supply: Battery

Battery type / number: 6 AA

Consumables Used: Etichete Aimo P12 compatibile Letratag, Etichete Haine AIMO Iron-On, Etichete LetraTag Dymo Originale, Etichete LetraTag Iron-On

Keyboard: ABC

No printed labels / min: Nu

Applications: 5S Visual Identification, Home Organization, General Identification, Retail, HORECA

PROMO Bundle: Yes

Maximum label width: 12 mm

Print speed: 7mm/sec

Text lines No: 2

Cutter Type: Manual

Library Symbols: 195

Vertical writing: Yes

Warranty: 1 + 1

Fonts Type: Normal, Bold, Italic, Underline

Compatible operating systems: No

Color: Blue

Memory: 20 etichete

Range: Dymo Letra Tag

Functions: Portabil, Functie CAPS, Automatic shutdown, Taste navigare

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