DYMO Dymo Rhino 5200, ABC, Kitcase and 4 x DYMO ID1 Vinyl Tape DY841400

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Set Industrial Label Maker Kit 



5200 , 2 vinil Black/White

industrial Dymo ID1 label tapes 

S0841480 , S0841390 , S0841400 , S0841430

  • Kit includes: Dymo Rhino industrial label maker, rechargeable Li-Ion polymer battery S0895840, 230V mains charger/adapter (S0721440), 1 x Dymo ID1 vinyl industrial labels, 9mm x 5.5m, black/white (18443), 2 x Dymo ID1 vinyl industrial labels, 12mm x 5.5m, black/white (18444), 1 x labels industrial DYMO ID1 vinyl, 19mm x 5.5m, black/white (18445), black rigid briefcase for transport
  • Exclusive one-touch "shortcuts" to automatically size, space and format text labels for electrical panels, terminal blocks and 110, cable/wire tag labels, horizontal and vertical wrapped labels, vertical and fixed-length labels
  • Uses 9, 12 and 19 mm wide Dymo ID1 industrial label tapes, made of polyester, flexible nylon, vinyl, heat and UV resistant
  • Prints on heat shrink tubing
  • Meets key ANSI and TIA/EIA-606-B industry labeling standards
  • Reach and RoHS compliant
  • Print barcodes Code 39 and Code 128 on 19 mm wide labels - perfect for asset management
  • Smart on-screen alerts prevent mistakes, wasted time and wasted labels
  • Store up to 100 of the most used tags, store the last tag
  • Storage for up to 100 industrial symbols, fractions and punctuation
  • Integrated rubber protective sleeve for slip-resistant grip, protection against damage caused by falls or impact
  • External label boxes are made of 100% recycled materials
  • Packaging made of 80% recycled mixed materials and FSC certified
  • Ideal for labeling in telecommunications, structured networks, surveillance and alarm systems, PRO AV, electrical components
  • Product recommended by the Romanian Electricians Association!
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Assets & Barcoding
Keep everything in its place - or make it trackable. With DYMO labels, you can easily tag your inventory, supplies and more.

Facilities & MRO
Bins and beams. Tank management. Workplace safety. There's a DYMO label for nearly every task. Browse our selection of the items you need to get it done.

Wires & Cables
From cable wraps and flags to heat-shrink tubes, DYMO label makers and labels help facilitate fast and easy wire and cable identification.  

Networking Components
Labeling connectivity components isn't rocket science, but it can be time consuming. See how time saving features from DYMO can make your labeling life a little bit easier.

Use the DYMO Rhino 5200 labeling machine to make wire and cable wrapping labels, patch panel labels, connection blocks, terminal blocks or modular components, flag type labels and vertical labels or fixed length labels.

Benefit from a library of over 150 terms and the usual symbols of communications, electrical, professional audio-video and security, ohms, earth or telephone, data and fax.

It is often used by panelists for their full labeling. That is, you can label with this labeling system from the beginning to the end an electrical panel or switchboards, circuit breakers, SCADA.

Industrial Heat-Shrink Tubes is a solution of polyolefins neadevizata and permanent and have a dual role: identifying and protecting cables and wires. They are flame resistant and have a contractility ratio of 3: 1.

Package includes:

Dymo Rhino Industrial 5200 Label Maker
Li-Ion battery Rhino 5200/4200 DY895840 S0895840
Charger / Adapter 230V DYMO DY40076 S0721440
DYMO industrial, All purpose vinyl labels, 9mm x 5.5m, black on white, 18443 x 1 piece
DYMO industrial, All purpose vinyl labels, 12mm x 5.5m, black on white, 18444 x 1 piece
DYMO industrial, All purpose vinyl labels, 19mm x 5.5m, black on white, 18445 x 1 piece
Kitcase Rhino 5200 DY902390 S0902390
User guide in Romanian - free download
CD-Rom with user guides in different languages

Printing Type: Thermal transfer

Applications: General Identification, Networking Components, Pro AV/Security, 5S Visual Identification, Barcoding, Cables & Wires, Electrical, Facilities & MRO

PROMO Bundle: Yes

No printed labels / min: Nu

Print speed: 0.1 cm/s

Resolution (Dpi): 180

Memory: 100 labels/last label

Keyboard: ABC

Barcode: Yes

Screen: Monocrom 2.63 inch

Connection: Nu

Free App: Nu

Compatible operating systems: No

Power Supply: AC Source, Accumulator, Battery

Consumables Used: Industrial (ID1) All-Purpose Labels

Functions: Automatic shutdown, Coduri de Bare, Hot Keys, Fixed Length

Library Symbols: 150

Battery type / number: Li-Ion battery, 6 AA

Text lines No: 5

Cutter Type: Manual

Range: Rhino

Fonts Type: Normal, Bold, Italic, Underline

Vertical writing: Yes

Mirror writing: Yes

Weight: 2.688 g

Package Contents: DYMO industrial, All purpose vinyl labels, 19mm x 5.5m, black on white, 18445 x 1 piece, DYMO industrial, All purpose vinyl labels, 9mm x 5.5m, black on white, 18443 x 1 piece, DYMO industrial, All purpose vinyl labels, 12mm x 5.5m, black on white, 18444 x 2 pieces, Ghid de utilizare, Dymo Rhino Industrial 5200 Label Maker, Kitcase Rhino 5200 DY902390 S0902390, Li-Ion battery Rhino 5200/4200 DY895840 S0895840, Dymo Charging Adapter

Warranty: 2 years

Maximum label width: 19 mm

Color: Yellow

  • Declaration of conformity CE Dymo Rhino 5200 2018

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Produse de calitate, profesionale!


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Pret excelent! Sunt multe de discutat despre benzi. Mai bine ii sunati inainte de comanda si va ofera informatiile de care aveti nevoie! Sunt foarte instruiti. Bravo lor! Recomand. Eu il folosesc la etichete pentru tablourile electrice pe care le fac. Pana acum nu mi s-au dezlipit etichetele.


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