DYMO Industrial Label Maker Dymo Rhino 6000+ Kit case, 24 mm, PC conection, time-saving hotkeys, fast label printing, work-resistant, ideal for everyday challenges 2122966

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Industrial label maker




carry case , PC connection 

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  • Create labels, including barcodes and complex label layouts from DYMO ID software on your computer, and print with the Rhino 6000+ label maker for easy editing
  • Free DYMO ID software for Windows and Mac
  • Connect to PC via USB cable
  • Meets key ANSI and TIA/EIA-606-B industry labeling standards
  • Print 8 types of barcodes, including Code 39, Code 128, Codabar, UPC A/E, EAN 8/13, PDF 417, code 39 mode 43 and QR code
  • Symbol library includes more than 250 pre-programmed industrial symbols, terms, fractions, and punctuation marks
  • Always use genuine Dymo Rhino Industrial labels to ensure high quality results
  • Exclusive "one-touch" hot keys, sizing, spacing and automatic formatting of label text for switchboards, terminal blocks and 110, cable and wire tag labels, horizontal and vertical wrapped labels, vertical and fixed-length labels, including 5-line printing capability
  • Uses 9, 12, 19, 24 mm wide labels in flexible nylon, permanent polyester and vinyl, plus heat shrink tube and self-laminating labels
  • The included rechargeable battery prints up to 11 industrial Dymo Rhino tapes until the next recharge
  • Robust automatic cutter that cuts up to 7000 labels without cleaning
  • On-screen preview of downloaded tags with “Zoom” function
  • External label casette are made of 100% recycled materials
  • Packaging made of 80% recycled mixed materials and FSC certified
  • Ideal for labeling in telecommunications, structured networks, surveillance and alarm systems, PRO AV, electrical components, etc.
  • Product recommended by the Romanian Electricians Association!
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Industrial Label Maker Dymo Rhino 6000+ Kit case and the intuitive graphical interface allows you to easily create, edit and preview a multitude of labels on the huge illuminated LCD screen.

WARNING! The Rhino 6000+ labeling machine does NOT work with Dymo compatible industrial labels. 

With the help of the quick keys you will eliminate the "guess work" and you will enjoy the easy and fast formatting of the labels most used in the industry for marking cables and wires, terminal blocks, 110 blocks, patch panels and many others equipment and appliances.  


A library of over 250 easy-to-find terms, punctuation marks and industry symbols will help you shorten your label editing time. In addition, you can save over 1000 labels created and customized by you and reuse them in just a few seconds.

The printer's internal memory can store the last printed labels and up to 200 of the labels you use most often.

It has an electric cutter controlled by a button, an integrated rubber sleeve that protects it from accidental falls and at the same time allows quick access to the tape cassette compartment.

The built-in electric cutter can make over 7000 cuts without the need for cleaning!

This labeling machine is equipped with an eject system (lift-up) of the tape cassette for effortless reloading.

And I only studied on the surface everything that the Dymo Rhino 6000+ industrial labeling machine can do.
The kit includes a pack of Li-ion polymer (LIPO) batteries with fast charging and a charger powered by a 230V socket but also strips for samples or final labeling.


  • Datacom: Asset tracking, barcodes, identification of cables and wires, electrical components, network, pro AV / security;
  • MRO: 5S visual workstation, asset tracking, barcodes, electrical, installation maintenance, pipe marking;
  • Office Buildings: Asset tracking, barcodes, identification of cables and wires, installation maintenance, identification of network components;
  • Education: Asset tracking, barcodes, identification of wires and cables, installation maintenance, network components, AV / professional security;
  • Hospitality industry (HORECA): Pro AV / security, identification of cables and wires, network components, unit maintenance.

Do you need computer connectivity when working with labels?

If you have been looking for the best labeling machine with a computer connection, your patience has just paid off.

The Dymo Rhino 6000+ industrial labeling device not only allows you to download labels from your PC via DYMO ID software (and other programs running on Windows), but also allows you to create perfect labels directly in the location in just a few moments from the construction site.

In addition, any changes to the labels on your device can be easily downloaded to your computer.

Because labels are your signature, heat transfer technology will not compromise the integrity of your labels - moisture, heat, mechanical stress, solvents, chemicals and ultraviolet light will not be able to damage the label.

The original Dymo Rhino ID1 industrial labels are stick and remain sticked on all types of surfaces in harsh weather conditions and now with the help of the new Dymo Rhino 6000+ you can print on labels up to 24 mm wide!

Notice how the Dymo Rhino 6000+ can help you finish the job quickly, leaving behind a professional image that will last you over time.

Choose one of the 5 available widths: 6 mm (1/4 "), 9 mm (3/8"), 12 mm (1/2 "), 19 mm (3/4") and 24 mm (1 '') or one of the 4 materials:

  •     polyester (for flat surfaces, outside or inside);
  •     flexible nylon (for curved surfaces, wires or cables - only inside);
  •     vinyl (for flat or curved surfaces, wires or cables - only inside)
  •     heat-shrinktube (for wires and cables, inside or outside).

For best labeling results use only original Dymo ID1 industrial labels!

Etichete Originale

Dymo is environmentally friendly:

  •  The outer casings of the tape cassettes are made of 100% recycled materials;
  •  Cardboard packaging is made of 80% recycled materials.


  •     "Shortcut Buttons" that eliminate "guesswork", complicated menus and provide ease and speed in formatting the most common labels including windings on cables, flags, patch panel labels, vertical labels and more;
  •     The library with over 250 terms, punctuation marks and industry symbols very easy to find will help you save time and standardize labels;
  •     Prints 8 different barcodes: Code 39, Code 39 mod 43, UPC A, Code 128, Codabar, EAN 8, EAN13, PDF417 and QR code;
  •     Stores over 1000 industry terms, including icons, logos and symbols for printing directly on site or in the office;
  •     Stores the last printed labels and up to 200 of the labels you use most often;
  •     Intuitive graphical interface that allows you to create, edit and preview labels on the largest illuminated LCD screen;
  •     The built-in configurator allows you to easily perform simple or advanced serializations;
  •     Electric cutter controlled by soft-touch button and quick tape box replacement system for making labels without any effort;
  •     The built-in electric cutter can make over 7000 cuts without requiring cleaning;
  •     Equipped with an ejection system (lift-up) of the tape cassette for effortless reloading;
  •     Use heat transfer printing technology - no ink, toner or other ribbon needed! The ribbon is already in the tape box!
  •     The fast-charging LiPO rechargeable battery and the on-screen battery life indicator will ensure that your Dymo Rhino 6000+ labeling machine is ready when you are too;
  •     Integrated rubber sleeve protects against accidental falls but at the same time offers easy access to the tape cassette compartment;
  •     Uses original Dymo Rhino ID1 industrial labels with widths between 6 and 24 mm;
  •     Works with Dymo ID software (free - link to download) to provide connectivity with a computer;
  •     Dymo ID software works with Windows 7 (32 or 64 bits) and all later versions;
  •     In combination with Dymo ID software you can:
  1.      Upload / download label files for printing on site or at the office;
  2.      Insert customized icons, logos, symbols and industry terms;
  3.      Import data from any program running under Windows;
  4.      Create labels using the step-by-step configurator;
  •     Print labels directly from Dymo ID software;
  •     1 + 1 year warranty

The Rhino 6000+ kit includes:

  • 1 x Dymo Rhino 6000+ industrial labeling machine
  • 1 x Industrial labels ID1 flexible nylon 24mm x 5.5m, black/white 1734524
  • 1 x Industrial labels ID1 vinyl 9mm x 5.5m, black/white 18443
  • 1 x Industrial labels ID1 vinyl 12mm x 5.5m, black/white DY18444
  • 1 x LiPO rechargeable battery with fast charging
  • 1 x 230V mains adapter
  • 1 x USB data cable
  • 1 x black plastic rigid briefcase

 Quick guide and user manual in Romanian, free download

DYMO industrial solutions

Let any work done look better than you found it! 

Designed based on data from professional users, DYMO Industrial products are durable, affordable, long-lasting and come with convenient features that help you save time and money every day.

DYMO industrial labels


Choose labels tested at work, resistant to temperature and humidity, that stick and remain stuck. DYMO offers a wide variety of sizes and colors:

Get your hands on a portable Dymo Rhino or XTL labeling system designed for your world. Not only does it meet ANSI / TIA / EIA-606-A labeling standards, but yours too!



  • Label printing type: Heat transfer
  • Color: Orange / black
  • Functions: Auto Power Off, Hotkeys, Fixed Length Function
  • Resolution (Dpi): 180
  • Power supply: Battery
  • Battery number / type: Acumulator LiPO
  • Consumables Used: Industrial labels Dymo Rhino ID1
  • Keyboard: ABC
  • Number of printed labels/min: 50
  • Applications: Network Components, Pro AV / Security, Asset Tracking, 5S Visual Identification, Bar Codes, Cables and Wires, Electrical, Maintenance, Repairs and Operations
  • Range: Industrial Rhino
  • PC connection: YES
  • Windows: YES
  • MAC: NO
  • USB cable connection: YES
  • Wireless connection: NO
  • Print speed: 10.16 mm / sec
  • Screen: Monochrome 67 mm
  • Number of lines of text: 5
  • Character dimensions: 7
  • Built-in cutter: YES
  • Cutter Type: Electric
  • Library Symbols: 250
  • Vertical writing: Yes
  • Mirror writing: No.
  • Memory: 1000 labels / last label
  • Barcodes: Yes
  • Barcode types: Code 39, Code 39 mod 43, UPC A, Code 128, Codabar, EAN 8, EAN13, PDF417 and QR code;
  • Font type: Normal, Bold, Italic, Underline
  • Free application: Dymo ID
  • Simple serialization: YES
  • Advanced serialization: YES
  • Terminal blocks: YES
  • Blocks 110: YES
  • Patch panels: YES
  • Fixed / general labeling: YES
  • Flag labeling: YES
  • Wrapped labeling: YES
  • Modular fuse labeling: YES
  • Self-laminating labeling: YES
  • Import data from xls: YES
  • Import data from Datacom: YES
  • Integrated rubber sleeve: YES
  • Label preview: YES
  • Hanging ear: YES
  • Maximum width of labels: 24 mm
  • Label widths used: 9, 12, 19, 24 mm
  • Device dimensions: 75 x 137.16 x 246.38 mm
  • Device weight without battery: 1810 g
  • Weight without briefcase: 1814 g
  • Dimensions with briefcase: 450 x 349 x 102 mm
  • Weight with briefcase: 2260 g
  • Warranty: 1 + 1 year

Printing Type: Thermal transfer

Applications: 5S Visual Identification, Networking Components, Assets, Barcoding, Cables & Wires, Electrical, Facilities & MRO

PROMO Bundle: Yes

Maximum label width: 24 mm

No printed labels / min: 50

Print speed: 10mm/sec

Resolution (Dpi): 180 DPI

Memory: Last label, 1000 labels

Keyboard: ABC

Barcode: Yes

Screen: Monocrom 67 mm

Connection: PC

Free App: Dymo ID

Compatible operating systems: Windows 7 or later, Mac OS X v10.4 or later

Power Supply: Accumulator

Consumables Used: Etichete industriale Dymo Rhino ID1

Functions: Automatic shutdown, Hot Keys, Fixed Length

Library Symbols: 250

Battery type / number: Acumulator LiPO

Text lines No: 5

Cutter Type: Automated

Range: Rhino

Fonts Type: Normal, Toate existente in stoftul actualizat, Bold, Italic, Underline

Vertical writing: Yes

Mirror writing: Yes

Weight: 1820 g

Package Contents: 1 x Aparat etichetat industrial Dymo Rhino 6000+, 1 x Adaptor retea 230V, 1 x Cablu date USB, 1 x Etichete industriale ID1 nylon flexibil 24mm x 5.5m, negru/alb 1734524, 1 x Etichete industriale ID1 vinil 9mm x 5.5m, negru/alb 18443, 1 x Etichete industriale ID1 vinil 12mm x 5.5m, negru/alb DY18444, 1 x Acumulator reincarcabil LiPO cu incarcare rapida, 1 x Servieta rigida plastic negru

Warranty: 1 + 1

Color: Yellow, Black

Utilizare: Industrial

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