DYMO Dymo XTL 500 Industrial Label Maker Kit, QWERTY, DY1873489, 1873489

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Dymo XTL 500 Industrial Label Maker

Kit 54 mm PC-Connected Touch Screen Industrial

Label Maker

. Simplify labelling with the DYMO XTL 500.

Prints labels

from 6 mm up to 54 mm, including heat-shrink tubes, barcode and pre-sized labels. Labels available in a full range of UL-rated materials and colours. Life-like on screen print preview and colour display shows exactly how labels will look when applied to cables, pipes, panels, and more.
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Dymo XTL 500 Industrial Label Maker Kit, QWERTY, DY1873489, 1873489

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Dymo XTL 500 Industrial Label Maker Kit prints labels from 6 mm up to 54 mm, including heat-shrink tubes, barcode and pre-sized labels.
Built-in label applications make getting started from the home screen easy.
  •     Durable built-in automatic cutter for fast label production; PC-connectivity (Works with Windows 7 and later) and free DYMO ID software for easy transfer of labels to and from the XTL 500 for jobsite editing and printing
  •     Pre-loaded templates ensure perfect formatting to save time
  •     Pre-set layouts for almost 100 patch panel models eliminate size and spacing guesswork

Are you ready to simplify your labeling projects? The Dymo XLT 500 Industrial Label Printer Kit will do just that. With an intuitive workflow, life-like screen preview and hundreds of preset labeling applications and templates, the XLT 500 Kit has everything you need to get the job done more efficiently. 
The Dymo XLT 500, along with the accompanying Dymo ID Software, is dedicated to giving you the right label for the right application. This industrial printer prints labels from 1/4" (6mm) up to 54mm. The XLT 500 can print heat-shrink tubes, barcodes and pre-sized labels using a thermal transfer printing system. The XLT labels come in a full range of UL-rated materials and OSHA, ANSI and ISO color standards.
Use your PC and the Dymo ID Software to sync templates suited to your job tasks. The vivid 2.8" color screen will ensure that your labels come out perfectly every time.

Printer Features:
  • Life-Like On Screen Print Preview
  • Vivid 2.8" Color Display
  • QWERTY Keyboard
  • Built-In automat Cutter
  • Free Dymo ID Software
  • Built-In Label Applications
  • Pre-Loaded Label Templates
  • Product Specs:
  • Thermal Transfer Printing System
  • 28 mm/sec Print Speed
  • 500 Print DPI
  • Automated Cutter
  • PC-Connectivity
  • 41 MB Memory
  • Barcodes Supported: EAN8, EAN13, Cod QR, Code 128 (Auto), Code 39, Code 39 Mod, UPC-A, Codabar, PDF-417

Package includes:

  • DYMO XTL 500 Label Maker
  • Carrying Case
  • AC Charging Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery
  • 54 mm x 7 m All-Purpose Vinyl, Black on White Cartridge
  • 21 mm x 39 mm in Laminated Wire / Cable Wrap, Black on White, 150 labels
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Software Download Card
  • Warranty Information:


   Wires & Cables
From cable wraps and flags to heat-shrink tubes, DYMO® label makers and labels help facilitate fast and easy wire and cable identification.   

  Networking Components
Labeling connectivity components isn't rocket science, but it can be time consuming. See how time saving features from DYMO® can make your labeling life a little bit easier.

  Materials Management
From certification to calibration and quality hold labels, DYMO offers a wide variety of label types and colors to meet your facility’s needs.

  •     Question: Are the XTL label makers compatible with Mac?
  • Answer: Yes, is compatible whit Windows 7 sau mai nou, Mac OS X v10.4 sau mai nou
  •     Question: Can XTL label makers mirror print?
  • Answer: Yes, both the XTL 500 and 500 label makers can do mirror printing. Some exceptions apply depending upon label and formatting.
  •     Question: Can you use XTL cartridges in Rhino label makers?
  • Answer: No, you cannot use XTL cartridges with Rhino label makers, or Rhino IND cartridges with XTL label makers.The XTL line of label makers was created with its own line of XTL label cartridges.They come in label widths from ¼ all the way to 2".Labels are available as continuous tape or pre-sized labels for specific applications."
  •     Question: Can print by XTL 500 DYMO XTL sheet labels?
  • Answer: No, the current DYMO XTL sheet labels will only print in black and white with a laser printer.
  •     Question: What kind of warranties do the XTL 500 and 500 label makers have?
  • Answer: DYMO offers a best-in-class three year warranty on the XTL 500 and 500 label makers.
  •     Question: Do you need ink for the XTL label maker?
  • Answer: No, the XTL label cartridges use a thermal transfer printing process. Inside the cartridge is a ribbon that contains thermal ink that transfers to the tape when you print.
  •     Question: What kind of memory do the XTL label makers have?
  • Answer: 40 MB of memory.
  •     Question: Are XTL Laminated Wire/Cable Wrap sheet labels as durable as cartridge labels?
  • Answer: Yes, XTL Laminated Wire/Cable Wrap sheet labels are just as durable as the Laminated Wire/Cable Cartridges. They are both a form of vinyl just with a slightly different feel and formulation. The sheet label format is good for large installations. Using DYMO ID, you can print an entire sheet of labels from a typical laser printer to quickly label hundreds of cables for a large installation. The DYMO XTL Laminated Wire/Cable Wrap sheet labels offer consistent results when working from either a PC or XTL label maker.
  •     Question: Can XTL label makers serialize?
  • Answer: Yes, both the XTL 500 and 500 label makers offer a serialize feature which allows you to create a series of labels by incrementing the data or auto-fill multi-cell labels.
  •     Question: Can XTL label makers print two barcodes on one label?
  • Answer: Yes, both the XTL 500 and 500 label makers can print multiple barcodes on one label.
  •     Question: Is there a standard length for the XTL labels?
  • Answer: The XTL label maker will let you know when the XTL cartridge is running low on labels. An electronic chip is embedded in the side of each XTL label cartridge. The chip contains information that is read by the label maker and DYMO ID software.Once a cartridge is inserted, the XTL label maker will automatically recognize the label size, color and type, and will inform the user immediately what applications are compatible with the cartridge at hand.
  •     Question: Can you print color on XTL Laminated Wire/Cable Wrap sheet labels?
  • Answer: Yes, if the laser printer is color. Before we set the printer to write in one of the available colors: black or cian or magenta or yellow.

2  Year Warranty!
Download free software here!

Software DYMO labels after the last update Microsoft Windows

Printing Type: Thermal transfer

Functions: Automatic shutdown,Hot Keys,Fixed Length,Serialization

Weight: 4.600 g

Package Contents: Cablu alimentare retea,Rigid textile,Quick user guide,Curea transport,CD Software DYMO ID,Aparat etichetare DYMO XTL 500 (max 54 mm), tastatura QWERTY DY1873486,Acumulator polimer DYMO XTL 500 DY1888636,Charger DYMO XTL 500 DY1888662,Etichete industriale autoadezive DYMO XTL, vinil autolaminant, 38mm x 39mm, 1868708,Etichete industriale autoadezive, DYMO XTL, vinil, 54mm x 7m, negru/alb, 1868755

Resolution (Dpi): 300

Power Supply: AC Source,Accumulator

Connection: USB

Battery type / number: Li-Ion battery

Consumables Used: Industrial XTL labels

Keyboard: QWERTY

No printed labels / min: Nu

Applications: Networking Components,Pipe marking,Pro AV/Security,Assets,5S Visual Identification,Barcoding,Cables & Wires,Electrical,Facilities & MRO

Range: XTL

PROMO Bundle: Yes

Print speed: 28mm/sec

Screen: TouchScreen Color 4 inch

Free App: Dymo ID

Text lines No: 24

Cutter Type: Automated

Library Symbols: Unlimited*

Vertical writing: Yes

Mirror writing: Yes

Memory: 41 MB

Warranty: 2 years

Barcode: Yes

Fonts Type: Normal,Toate existente in stoftul actualizat,Bold,Italic,Underline

Compatible operating systems: Mac OS X v10.4 or later,Windows 7 or later

Maximum label width: 54 mm

Color: Yellow

Utilizare: Business

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