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If you are a homeowner who is used to repairing every single fault in your home, you know that versatile

hand tools

are the best. If you want to be able to intervene whenever a problem arises, you must have a toolkit that you can rely on.

From basic tools, to the most specific

hand tools

, you can gradually buy everything you need for repairs or quick changes.


hand tool

that will save you in many situations, combined pliers is the one you call when working with cables, wires, defective screws. It helps you to bend, cut or press the cables, remove the screws with defective head.

Depending on your need, you can choose an insulated pliers for electricians or a combined patent pliers that will do their job just as well.

A complete kit can often save you from the intervention of a craftsman and help you solve a failure quickly. It is important, however, to build your tool kit according to your needs and the space you maintain.

There are specific tools for specialists and universal tools that are just as effective. Pay attention to details when purchasing tools.

Gripping solutions are very helpful when you want to repair or replace parts of a screw and nut set.

What other tools do you have in your home kit that are indispensable to you?

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