ENGINEER Long nose plier pull brokenENGINEER PZ-60, 190mm, 180g, green

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Long nose plier pull ENGINEER PZ-60 broken, 190mm, 180g, green EAN Code: 4989833039622
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Alligator-like tough gripping jaws with Screw Remover

(1) Long nose pliers with non-slip jaws
Serrated teeth lined consecutively, inter-meshed with each other, bite and take a hold of an object securely, no slippage !

(2) Screw removal - Just Grip & Turn !!
Removes small screws with stripped or rusted heads or stubborn fasteners in seconds.

(3) Durable comfort grips
Owing to T-shaped forging handles, the handle sleeve will not twist or slip off during heavy duty use. 

Ordinary plier jaws are lined with horizontal serrations.
When you grasp and turn a screw head with ordinary pliers, the jaws slip and the screw remains stuck.

Neji-saurus' perfect fitting serrations maximize friction with no slippage.

Neji-saurus' specially-designed jaws generate gripping power.
Select the adapted position of jaws depending on the diameter of a screw head.

Ordinary pliers require strong grip so as to hold a thin plate securely or cut a thin material.

The gripping jaws can bite into the material and the cutting blade can cut even a thin wire with less grasping power.

The unique handle shape helps to prevent the handle sleeve from twisting or turning round, good for heavy users.


Model Size Material Hardness Cutting Capacity Weight
PZ-60 190㎜ Carbon Steel HRC60±2

dia. 1.2㎜
(Copper wire)


Material: Otel carbon

Overall length: 190mm

Maximum diameter: 1.2mm

Protection working under voltage: Nu

Package Contents: Cleste nas lung extragere suruburi rupte ENGINEER PZ-60, 190mm, 180g, verde

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Long nose plier pull brokenENGINEER PZ-60, 190mm, 180g, green

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