Haicable Crimps, Strips, Cuts, Cable Tester Multi tool plier 4 in 1 Haicable RJ45 RJ12 RJ11 HT-N568CR

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, Cable Tester Multi tool plier 4 in 1 Haicable ensures fast and reliable mounting of the modular crimp connector for voice and data applications. It is for RJ45 Cat 3/4/5/5e/6 (8x8) (8P8C), RJ12 6-position (6x6) (6P6C), RJ11 4-position (6x4) (6P4C) and RJ11 2-position (6x2) (6P2C) sockets). NOTE: DO NOT USE on AMP/TYCO jacks and DO NOT USE crimp EZ-RJ45 (pass-through connectors). Built-in clicket mechanism and cable tester. General use!



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Crimps, Strips, Cuts, Cable Tester Multi tool plier 4 in 1 Haicable is a multifunctional tool that is an excellent option for mounting plugs for data or voice cables.

Crimps, Strips, Cuts, Cable Tester Multi tool plier 4 in 1 Haicable with built-in tester is a top tool.

Are you an IT professional dealing with network cables and connectors on a daily basis or just a beginner? We recommend you to use the best crimping tool!


The multiple functionalities (wiring, cutting, crimping and testing), compatibility with almost all types of network cables and connectors and the ergonomic shape of the handles make this network tool from HAICABLE a top modular pliers for RJ45, RJ12, RJ11 plugs.

The multifunctional pliers has a cable tester built into the handles. It is powered by an LR44 battery (that are included). The LEDs display the wire connection status, testing both UTP and STP cables (RJ45, RJ12, RJ11). LED # 1 ~ # 8 shows the 8-pin wire configuration. The battery and the tester can be detached.

Built-in cable cutter with very good quality blade.

The full cycle ratchet mechanism prevents the connector from being released before it is fully tightened.

The crimping blades are precisely cut and are made of high carbon steel.

The pliers body is made of steel with black oxide finish for high performance and high durability.

Ergonomic handles increase comfort, visibility and allow quick identification.

  • Haicable 4 in 1 modular pliers with built-in tester has applications mainly for the construction of data or voice networks but also it can be used successfully for video surveillance systems, alarm systems, home work, building construction, DIY market etc.
  • Atention: This model does NOT crimp the EZ-RJ45 (pass-through connectors). For Pass-through sockets you can use Pass Through crimping pliers.

How to use a 4 in 1 modular pliers with cable tester

Strip and cut the cable


Strip the cable about 25 mm from the end. Insert the cable into the stripping/wiring section (round hole), then rotate the crimping tool around the cable to create a clean cut, then remove the sheath.
Unwind and straighten the wires inside the cable, cut the small plastic wire splitter or core so that you can align the wires and cut them in a uniform line 13 mm from the cable insulation.

Insert the wires into the connector


Insert the wires into the RJ45 connector in the correct order (example T568A/B), then insert the cable into the connector so that each of the small wires fits into the small grooves in the connector. The cable sheath should fit right inside the connector so that it passes the base. Each wire must fit into a groove before crimping the connector.

Complete connector crimping cycle


Insert the connector into the crimping tool and tighten it twice. Insert the connector into the crimping section of the tool until it can no longer advance. Tighten the handles to crimp the connector and secure the wires. Release the handles, then tighten the tool again to make sure all contacts are pushed down.

Test the cable and you're done


The built-in cable tester will help you save time and effort. It is powered by an LR44 battery (included), comes with user manual and instructions. The LED light displays the wire connection status, testing both UTP cables and STP cables (RJ45, RJ12, RJ11), LED # 1 ~ # 8 shows the 8-pin wire configuration. The battery and the tester can be removed.

  •     Excellent for testing UTP and STP cables (continuity, short circuit, errors);
  •     Dual-mode test function: single and continuous test;
  •     Cut, strip and clean the thread in one operation, easily and efficiently;
  •     Separator area for round cable;
  •     Ergonomically designed TPR elastomer coated handles;
  •     Ratchet control crimping system;
  •     Packed in a blister.

  • Product type: Pliers
  • Pliers type: crimping
  • Applications: industrial
  • Handles: TPR elastomer
  • Material: carbon steel
  • Plug type: 8P8C / RJ-45, 6P6C / RJ-12, 6P4C / RJ-11
  • Color: gray
  • Length: 190 mm

Package contents: crimping pliers with cable tester, packed on the bliste

Material: Otel carbon, Elastomer

Overall length: 190mm

Package Contents: Cleste sertizare cu tester cablu, ambalat pe blister

Color: Grey

Maximum label width: 12 mm

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George Pascal,

un produs functional bun, util este testerul de cablu (detasabil)
Achizitionat pentru utilzare ocazionala.


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