RAPID Rapid EG Point Cordless Glue Gun and 20 Glue Stick Coloured Rapid Fun to Fix 7 mm

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Primesti: pistolul de lipit Rapid EG point si in total 20 batoane lipici diferite culori:    
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Rapid EG Point Cordless Glue Gun and 20 Glue Stick Coloured Rapid Fun to Fix 7 mm

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Rapid EG Point Cordless Glue Gun. Reliable, great value and versatile thanks to cordless operation, the EG Point glue gun has an extra long and thin nozzle that is perfect for precision work. Other features include an integrated stand for more precise application.

Rapid Fun to Fix 7 mm Glue Stick Coloured
These 7 mm coloured glue sticks are perfect for all types of decoration and arts&crafts.

Diametru baton lipici (mm): 7 Ø

Glue output (G/H): 150 g/h

Power (W): 80 W

Heating time: 5 min

Category: Hobby

Application / use of glue: Domestic use

Power Supply: AC Source

Weight: 160 g

Glue form: Rotund

Stick glue length: 94 mm

Glue color: Different colours

Melting glue temperature: High temperatures

  • Manual Rapid Point_EG130_EG212_EG250_CG270_EG280


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