Knipex Tool box "BIG Basic Move" electric, with wheels and telescopic handle, 24 pieces included, KNIPEX 002106HLS

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Tool box


BIG Basic Move

" electric, with wheels and

telescopic handle

, 24 pieces included, KNIPEX 002106HLS

  • Equipped with six KNIPEX tools, a total of 24 branded tools, partially VDE tested according to DIN EN 60900
  • Telescopic handle fixed in the base, as well as two outer wheels that roll smoothly
  • Two metal locks and a three-digit combination lock for secure lid locking
  • Tag holder with two stickers for individual labeling
  • Maximum payload: 20 kg
  • Volume: 33 liters
  • Strong, ergonomic handle
  • Black ABS material, durable
  • Circumferential aluminum frame
  • Metal hinges
  • Compartment for documents
  • Two removable tool dividers made of dirt-repellent PP film with 31 tool pockets
  • First tool divider with ten tool pockets and an elastic strap on the top and eleven narrow and one large tool pockets on the other side
  • Second tool divider with ten tool pockets and an elastic strap on the base side and a document compartment on the other side
  • Base tray, can be fixed by a button, height 70 mm, can be subdivided by inserts, lid with 14 large tool pockets. The box includes 2 separators for the tray
  • With a total of 54 insertion options.


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Tool box "BIG Basic Move" electric, with wheels and telescopic handle, 24 pieces included, KNIPEX 002106HLS

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Tool box "BIG Basic Move" electric, with wheels and telescopic handle, 24 pieces included, KNIPEX 002106HLS which includes 24 branded tools.

The bag contains 24 pieces of the brands: KNIPEX, WERA, RENNSTEIG and PICARD:
  • 1. Combination pliers VDE 180mm KNIPEX
  • 2. VDE 200mm KNIPEX pliers
  • 3. VDE 160mm KNIPEX scissor pliers
  • 4. Pliers for stripping VDE 160mm KNIPEX
  • 5. Cable stripper with KNIPEX knife
  • 6. KNIPEX VDE cable cutter
  • 7. Small KNIPEX saw
  • 8. VDE screwdriver 2.5 x 80mm WERA
  • 9. VDE screwdriver 3.5 x 100mm WERA
  • 10. VDE screwdriver 5.5 x 125mm WERA
  • 11. VDE screwdriver 6.5 x 150mm WERA
  • 12. VDE screwdriver PH1 WERA
  • 13. WERA PH2 VDE screwdriver
  • 14. VDE screwdriver PZ1 WERA
  • 15. WERA PZ2 VDE screwdriver
  • 16. Tension pencil
  • 17. Electrician's chisel 250 x 10mm RENNSTEIG
  • 18. 250 mm RENNSTEIG chisel
  • 19. PICARD hammer 300 g
  • 20. PICARD hammer 1000 g
  • 21. The brush
  • 22. Carpentry pencil
  • 23. Spatula
  • 24. Rubber cap

Equipped with a telescopic handle and silicone rollers for easy transport.
The tool box has metal hinges and locks. One of the locks is provided with a 3-digit code for safe closing of the lid.

Inside, it has 3 compartments with 54 attachment slots for tools.

  • Product type: Tool box
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Metal frame: YES
  • Telescopic handle: YES
  • Volume: 33 liters
  • Tool pockets: 54
  • Document compartment: YES
  • External dimensions: 430 x 280 x 515 mm
  • Internal dimensions: 350 x 200 x 480 mm
  • Weight: 10290 g

Weight: 10290 g

Package Contents: 1 x Cleste combinat VDE 180mm KNIPEX,1 x Cleste cu cioc VDE 200mm KNIPEX,1 x Cleste sfic VDE 160mm KNIPEX,1 x Cleste pentru dezizolat VDE 160mm KNIPEX,1 x Dezizolator cablu cu cutit KNIPEX,1 x Cutter cabluri VDE KNIPEX,1 x Fierastrau mic KNIPEX,1 x Surubelnita VDE 2.5 x 80mm WERA,1 x Surubelnita VDE 3.5 x 100mm WERA,1 x Surubelnita VDE 5.5 x 125mm WERA,1 x Surubelnita VDE 6.5 x 150mm WERA,1 x Surubelnita VDE PH1 WERA,1 x Surubelnita VDE PH2 WERA,1 x Surubelnita VDE PZ1 WERA,1 x Surubelnita VDE PZ2 WERA,1 x Creion tensiune,1 x Dalta electrician 250 x 10mm RENNSTEIG,1 x Dalta 250 mm RENNSTEIG,1 x Ciocan PICARD 300 g,1 x Ciocan PICARD 1000 g,1 x Pensula,1 x Creion tamplarie,1 x Spaclu,1 x Cancioc din cauciuc

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