DYMO Professional Labler DYMO Label Manager 420P Kitcase and 5 tapes different sizes and colors

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Proffesional printer 

DYMO LabelManager 420 Kitcase 

, PC connection, is the solution of easy and fast labeling that facilitates your work. You get:

DYMO LabelManager 420 Kitcase printer with PC connection and in total 5 tapes:
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Package Contents:
etichetator letratag 100h cu suport magnetic  
DYMO LabelManager 420 Labeling machine, briefcase kit, PC connection - for those who need a quality labeling machine. It works connected to the computer or using its own keyboard.

Supplied with rechargeable Li-ion battery and AC adapter. This portable label printer was created for large, complex labeling and guarantees legible labels that stick and stay glued for any challenge.

Connect via USB cable to a PC (Windows) or Mac and use Dymo Label v.8 / Dymo Connect software to create barcodes, tag labels, or even tag groups from excel tables or databases.

Disconnect the Dymo LabelManager 420P label printer from your computer and use it on the ground as a fully functional portable label printer.

With the help of hotkeys (easily explore the menu of the machine) and the detailed but well-tuned interface, you get full access to many label templates.

It can cover all the need for labeling in an office, warehouse, production hall, clinic or medical laboratory and beyond!

Printing Type: Thermal transfer

Functions: Automatic shutdown,Hot Keys,Fixed Length

Weight: 938 g

Package Contents: Rigid textile,Li-Ion Battery,USB Cable 2.0,Quick user guide,Software Dymo Label v.8 on CD,Dymo Charging Adapter,DYMO LabelManager D1 plastic labels, 19mm x 7m, black on red, 45807 S0720870,DYMO LabelManager D1 labels, 12mm x 7m, black on white, 45013 S0720530,DYMO LabelManager D1 labels, 9mm x 7m, black on yellow, 40918, S0720730,Aparat etichetat (imprimanta etichete) DYMO LabelManager 420 kit cu servieta, conectare la PC S0915480 915480,Etichete autocolante, DYMO LabelManager D1, 6mm x 7m, negru/alb, 43613, S0720780

Resolution (Dpi): 180

Power Supply: AC Source,Accumulator

Connection: USB Cable

Battery type / number: Li-Ion battery

Consumables Used: LabelManager Labels (D1),Durable LabelManager (D1) Labels

Keyboard: ABC

No printed labels / min: Nu

Applications: Assets,Barcoding

Range: Label Manager

PROMO Bundle: Yes

Maximum label width: 19mm

Print speed: 12mm/sec

Screen: Monocrom 3.29 inch

Free App: Dymo Connect

Text lines No: 4

Cutter Type: Manual

Library Symbols: 325*

Vertical writing: Yes

Mirror writing: Yes

Memory: 9 labels

Warranty: 2 years

Barcode: Yes

Fonts Type: Normal,Bold,Italic,Underline,Toate existente in stoftul actualizat

Compatible operating systems: Windows 7 or later,Mac OS X v10.4 or later

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Professional Labler DYMO Label Manager 420P Kitcase and 5 tapes different sizes and colors

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