DYMO Mester set - tools for professionals DY1873485 JPEPZ59 JPEPH55 JPEDBZ60G JPETWM08

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Mester set - kit for any professional. Install, repair, maintain any kind of installation and at the end you can sign your work with an industrial thermal printer with PC connection. You become mobile. Don't worry about numbers or numbers anymore. You can make them on the spot, in any way it is helpful and in the quantity necessary to complete the project.
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Mester set - tools for professionals DY1873485 JPEPZ59 JPEPH55 JPEDBZ60G JPETWM08

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Master set helps you simplify, ease and finish work faster.

Are you tired of complicated labels? Simplify labeling with DYMO XTL 300.

  •  Print labels from 6 mm to 24 mm, including heat shrinkable tubes, barcodes and pre-sized labels. Labels available in a complete range of UL quality materials and colors
  •  PC connectivity (works with Windows 7 and later) and free DYMO ID software for easy tag transfer to and from the XTL 300 for editing and printing.
  •  Preloaded templates ensure perfect formatting to save time. Save time using manufacturers' models (Legrand, CommScope, Leviton and others). Open the Dymo ID application, choose the layout, add the text and print labels that perfectly match the equipment.
  •  Preset schemes for nearly 100 models of corrections panels eliminate size and spacing - you save bandwidth, the specific feature of Dymo printers

Types of application labels:
  •  Flag tags - for thin cables. Provides flat surface for writing text, bar code, etc
  •  Wrapped labels - information that is repeated on the label can be read from any angle
  •  Thermocontractable tubes - permanent labeling solution, with dual role: identification and isolation of the cable or wire. The tubes vary in width so the easiest way to identify the required tube size is to know the diameter of the wire or cable (including insulation)
  •  Self-laminating labels - labels in predetermined or roll sizes, wrapped application, with laminating layer for protection against oils, chemical agents, humidity, abrasion

Applications: Labels for cables and wires, electrical components, network components, bar codes, pipes or pipes, visual identification, signaling and warning (accident prevention at work). You can also edit labels for folders, bookcases, cabinets, files and many other applications.

When you work with electrical components you work with screws, which are not always of the highest quality. The quick and easy solution for extracting them when their heads are destroyed is a screw extractor.

The universal scissors help you easily cut cables and wires, unwrap cardboard boxes and during leisure you can use it for fishing.

The unique adjustable wrench, manufactured in Japan, has jaws only 2 mm thick and can be used for a variety of specific or specialized applications.
Applications include the clamping and loosening of BNC type connectors, coaxial, clamping and loosening of various nuts, in the tool kit for bicycles, automobiles and other applications where you have limited space and a standard adjustable or fixed key does not occur due to its length or of jaw thickness.
Therefore, this adjustable wrench is ideal for applications in those tight spaces where a normal sized wrench is not a solution.

Printing Type: Thermal transfer

Applications: 5S Visual Identification,Assets,Barcoding,Cables & Wires,Electrical,Facilities & MRO,Networking Components,Pipe marking,Pro AV/Security

PROMO Bundle: Yes

Maximum label width: 24mm

No printed labels / min: Nu

Print speed: 23mm/sec

Resolution (Dpi): 300

Memory: 41 MB

Keyboard: QWERTY

Barcode: Yes

Screen: Color 2.8 inch

Connection: USB Cable

Free App: Dymo ID

Compatible operating systems: Windows 7 or later,Mac OS X v10.4 or later

Power Supply: AC Source,Accumulator

Consumables Used: Industrial XTL labels

Functions: Automatic shutdown,Hot Keys,Fixed Length,Taste navigare,Serialization

Library Symbols: Unlimited*

Battery type / number: Li-Ion battery

Text lines No: 11

Cutter Type: Manual

Range: XTL

Fonts Type: Normal,Bold,Italic,Underline,Toate existente in stoftul actualizat

Vertical writing: Yes

Mirror writing: No

Weight: 3.796 g

Package Contents: Aparat etichetare DYMO XTL 300, 24mm maxim, tastatura QWERTY 1873483 1873310 1873307 1873308,Cleste patent combinat ENGINEER PZ-59,extragere suruburi rupte,200mm,taie Ø3 2mm,300g,verde,fabricat Japonia,Extractor suruburi rapid ENGINEER DBZ-60G,2 in 1,135g,verde,fabricat in Japonia,Foarfeca multifunctionala ENGINEER PH-55 Tetsuwan GT, 4 in 1, 16 cm,Cheie reglabila ENGINEER TWM-08, 24mm, 110mm lungime, Slim & Smart, fabricat in Japonia

Warranty: 2 years

Material: Otel carbon

Overall length: 175mm

Protection working under voltage: Nu

  • CE Dymo Rhino XTL300 EC Declaration of Conformity 2018


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