DYMO DYMO LetraTag Original labels white, plastic, 12mm x 4m, black/white, blister, made in Belgium, S0721560

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DYMO LetraTag 


labels white 

specially designed for


labeling systems. Works with the full range of Dymo LetraTag labeling machines, including older models and is the most widely used plastic tapes. With them you can quickly print visible, easy-to-read labels that can be applied to many types of flat surfaces (plastic, paper, glass, pre-cleaned): shelves, sockets, switches, switches, folders, document trays, intercoms and wherever you need codes or texts. Available in a wide range of colors. Use only for inside flat surfaces! Made in Belgium.

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DYMO LetraTag Original labels white, plastic, 12mm x 4m, black/white, blister, made in Belgium, S0721560

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DYMO LetraTag Original labels white tear resistant, water but also to most weaker solvents.

Dymo Letratag labels are thermally printed, eliminating any problems that may occur using ink cartridges or toners.

Each DYMO LetraTag plastic tape is 12 mm wide and 4 m long.

With the help of this 12 mm black/white strip from the LetraTag range you can create informative texts or you can label usb memories. It is most often used with the DYMO LetraTag 100H Plus labeling system.

Unlike the DYMO D1 laminated tape, this DYMO consumable has a width of 12 mm and a length of 4 m. Like the DYMO D1 tape it is a continuous tape or we call it continuously and it will always have black writing.
It is known that at this time written in black on a yellow background is no longer so used compared to black on a white background.

DYMO LetraTag devices use 12 mm wide and 4 m long consumables, written in black because they are thermal printers.

The first electronic labeling system from DYMO was this DYMO LetraTag labeling system with 12 mm wide DYMO continuous tape.

Letratag labels stand in the washing machine, dishwasher, microwave! They stick and stay glued!

Not recommended for labeling on curved surfaces, wires or cables!


  •  Label tapes in plastic casettes;
  •  Tear resistant, water but also to most weaker solvents.
  •  Easy to clean;
  •  The tapes is 12 mm wide and 4 m long;
  •  The adhesive protection is ready pre-cut for easy application;
  •  They are thermally printed, you do not need ink cartridges or toners;
  •  Wide range of colors: white, yellow, red, blue, green, transparent;
  •  Made in Belgium.


Labels for jars

Do you want to arrange your jam and pickle jars in the pantry so that you can always find exactly what you are looking for? Label them! Apply a label written with a DYMO LetraTag labeling device on each jar with its contents and then place the jars in the pantry, in categories. You will not have started 2 jars with the same content!

How do you put things in order?

A Dymo Letratag labeling machine will help you create the labels you need at home or in the office: CD labels, jars, kitchen spice containers, jam jars, cans for the winter, personal items, key rings, etc.

Dymo Letratag plastic tapes stick very well, resisting on flat surfaces for a long time, even if they are washed in the dishwasher or heated in the microwave.

For excellent labeling results use only original Dymo labels!

Etichete Originale
Dymo turns green!

55% recycled materials are used in the manufacturing process of the tape cassettes!
Blisters and other packaging are made 100% from recycled materials!

For excellent labeling results use only original Dymo labels!

Etichete originale DymoEtichete originale DymoEtichete originale Dymo

DYMO is committed to maximizing your efficiency while investing in environmental protection – one label – one time!

DYMO invests for a sustainable future:

DYMO has a dedicated team that analyzes government and country specific requirements for product compliance, safety and sustainability and we are actively involved in going beyond and beyond protecting our environment.

Etichete originale Dymo
FSC© certified for DYMO® LabelWriter™ paper and DYMO® LetraTag™ paper labels.

Etichete originale Dymo
27% lower energy consumption, during production since 2016.

Etichete originale Dymo
BPA free for LabelWriter™ labels.

Etichete originale Dymo
+40% of DYMO® labels are produced using „Water based solvents“.

Etichete originale DymoEtichete originale Dymo
ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified since 1998 to monitor quality management and impact of operations on the environment..

Etichete originale Dymo
100% recycled material used for packaging and labeling cassette tape.

Etichete originale Dymo
No Ink – No Toner = Less Waste!

Etichete originale Dymo
Rechargeable batteries for majority of DYMO machines!

Etichete originale Dymo
73% reduced use of fresh water during production between 2009 – 2019.

Etichete originale Dymo
All DYMO products are REACH and RoHS compliant.

  • Product type: Label tapes
  • Usage: Home & office
  • Intended for: Universal, Home Organization
  • Printing technology: Direct thermal
  • Compatible brand: Dymo
  • Compatible series: Dymo Letratag
  • Compatible model: Dymo Letratag
  • Maximum label printing width: 12 mm
  • Length: 4 m
  • Width: 12 mm
  • Adhesive: Permanent
  • Package contents: Original labels DYMO LetraTag plastic sticker white, 12mm x 4m, black / white, blister

Works with the whole series of Letratag thermal printers: Dymo LetraTag 100T, Dymo LetraTag 100H, Dymo LetraTag 100H Plus, Dymo LetraTag QX50, Dymo LetraTag XR, Dymo LetraTag XM.

Presized: No

Produced: Made in UE

Applications: Administratie,Distributie,5S Visual Identification,General Identification,Mailing & Shipping,Pro AV/Security,Home Organization,Hobby,Decorations

Pre-Sized Labels: Nu

Etichete in coala: Nu

Etichete Avertizare/Semnalizare: Nu

PROMO Bundle: No

Utilizare: Business,Home & office

Package Contents: Etichete originale DYMO LetraTag plastic autocolant alb, 12mm x 4m, negru/alb, blister

Color: White

Maximum label width: 12 mm

Tape length: 4 m

Tape material: Plastic

Label type: Adhesive tape

Printing Type: Directly thermal

Adhesive: Permanent

Text Color/Support color: Black/White

Range: Letra Tag

Tape width: 12 mm

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