Aimo Clothing Iron-On labels 12mm x 2m, red/white, 18769 S0718850 18773 18777

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Clothing Iron-On labels 

12mm x 2m,




S0718850 18773 18777

  • LT Iron-On Tape - Labels Made of White Nylon, Hot Glued with Steam-Free Iron
  • Written in red on white tape
  • Washable labels for use on clothing, towels, bags, backpacks or other fabrics
  • Resistant to water and most mild solvents
  • Thermal transfer printing, no ink cartridges or expensive toner cartridges
  • Packed in casette with the ribbon for printing, easy to load in the label maker
  • Visible, easy-to-read labels that can be applied to textiles and clothing
  • Sustainable alternative to sewn labels
  • Works with the full range of Dymo LetraTag label makers
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Clothing Iron-On labels 12mm x 2m, red/white, 18769 S0718850 18773 18777

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Clothing Iron-On labels 12mm x 2m, red/white, you can print quickly if you have chosen this product.

Following the instructions below will ensure that your labels will remain permanently attached:

• set the iron on dry mode (without steam!), At a temperature of 130 to 170 degrees;
• peel off a label and place it on the clothes exactly where you want them to stay;
• put the iron over the label and press for 10-15 seconds, without moving the iron;
• let the label cool for a few seconds, then repeat the operation twice more;
• after cooling, check that the label has adhered completely.

For materials that are more sensitive to high temperatures, use a thin piece of cotton material that you apply over the label; only then press with the iron.

Dymo Letratag Iron-On label tape is the only ribbon that is printed with the ribbon in a Dymo Letratag machine. The label and the tape come in the same box.

Dymo Letratag Iron-On compatible labels print by heat transfer!


Dymo LetraTag Iron-On compatible clothing labels that adhere to a wide variety of materials and textures, including clothing, towels and backpacks. A sustainable alternative that can replace sewn labels.

  • Label printing type: Heat transfer
  • Text Color: red
  • Tape Color: white
  • Bandwidth: 12mm
  • Band length: 2m
  • Band material: Nylon
  • Default size: No.
  • Label fixing type: thermic adhesive tape

Works with the whole series of Letratag printers: Dymo LetraTag 100T, Dymo LetraTag 100H, Dymo LetraTag XR, Dymo LetraTag XM, Dymo LetraTag Plus, Dymo LetraTag QX50

Text Color/Support color: Red/White

Presized: No

Tape material: Flexible Nylon

Label type: Adhesive tape

Printing Type: Thermal transfer

Etichete in coala: Nu

Utilizare: Home & office

Applications: 5S Visual Identification,Home Organization,General Identification,Assets,Hobby,Decorations

Maximum label width: 12 mm

Color: White,Red

Package Contents: 1 x Banda de etichete

Tape width: 12 mm

Tape length: 2 m

Range: Compatibile

Adhesive: Permanent

PROMO Bundle: No

Produced: Fabricat in Non - EU

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