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Cutters with clicket cutting force cables

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Maximum diameter: 55mm ×

Cutters with clicket cutting force cables

are essential tools in the kit of

any electrician


network technician

. Designed for precise and efficient cutting of force cables used in electrical and telecommunications installations, they provide a practical and reliable solution for managing cables in various environments and applications.

With a click-action mechanism, the cutters allow for quick and precise cutting of cables without the need for excessive pressure. The durable steel blades ensure clean and uniform cutting, without the risk of damage or crushing of the conductors. The ergonomic handle provides increased comfort during use and helps reduce fatigue during prolonged work.

Click-action cable cutters are ideal for cutting aluminum or copper force cables of various sizes and thicknesses. They are suitable for use in electrical installations, telecommunications, construction, and many other fields. With their durability and reliable performance, these tools are indispensable in any work environment involving the handling of electrical cables.

The clicket cutters (Cable cutters) for cutting high voltage current cables are specialized tools used for cutting electric cables that conduct current at high voltages.

They are designed to provide precise and safe cutting of high voltage cables, considering the risks associated with handling and working with such cables.

Features of these cutters may include:

Electrical insulation: They are often equipped with electrical insulation to protect the user against the risk of electric shock when working with high voltage cables.

Durable cutting blades: The blades of these cutters are made of durable and resistant materials, such as heat-treated steel, to be able to cut high voltage cables without damage.

Clicket cutting mechanism: This mechanism allows a controlled and uniform cutting of high voltage cables, ensuring a safe and efficient operation.

Ergonomic handles: To provide a comfortable and safe grip, the clicket cutters are designed with ergonomic handles that reduce fatigue and increase precision during use.

These tools are used by electricians specialized in high-voltage works, as well as by workers in the energy field to perform maintenance, repairs or installations in high-voltage electrical networks.

The use of these cutters in such applications often requires compliance with strict safety standards and procedures to minimize the risks associated with handling high voltage power cables.

Cable cutters for every job

Cable cutters are a staple in the tool bag of many electrical professionals. While all cable cutters are essentially designed for the same task of cutting different cables, the way they are designed can make certain jobs faster and easier.

Cable cutting devices with high leverage power

Heavy duty cable cutters are designed to cut thick cables and wires with ease. The design offers exceptional cutting capacity, while allowing a precise one-handed shearing action. The joint with hot rivets ensures a smooth action and no shaking of the handle, and the handles covered with plastic ensure comfort during use.

Devices with clicket for cutting copper or aluminum cables

Ratchet cable cutters feature a ratchet mechanism, which means fewer strokes are required per cut. This means you can achieve maximum leverage with minimal effort. These cable cutters have a quick release button to easily open the blades in each cutting position, allowing the cable to be removed before the cut is complete.

CAREFUL! They are not suitable for cutting steel wire, wire ropes and fine wire conductors (highly flexible).

Cutter Cu Clichet In 3 Trepte, Cablu Aluminiu Si Cupru, Diametru Max 60 Mm, KNIPEX 9536320

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