ENGINEER Auto-locking pliers with used screw extractor, automatic adjustment, ENGINEER PZ-67, 175 mm

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Auto-locking pliers 

with used

screw extractor

, automatic adjustment,


PZ-67, 175 mm

  • No need to adjust the opening of the jaws and just clamp it to lock!
  • Grab the head of the screw, lock and twist!
  • Vertically serrated jaws that “bite” into a stuck or damaged screw head while locking securely
  • Optimizes gripping power to turn stubborn screws
  • Self-locking jaws to automatically fit different sizes of screws and workpieces
  • Adjustable grip force with the screw between the handles
  • Release lever to unlock the jaws
  • Jaw opening adjustment screw
  • For screw heads with dimensions between 3 – 9.5 mm
  • Length 175 mm
  • Locking tongue in green color for an attractive design
  • Jaw material: chrome molybdenum
  • Made in Japan
  • The images are for presentation purposes.

Product recommended by the Romanian Association of Electricians!


PN: PZ-67

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Auto-locking pliers with used screw extractor, automatic adjustment, ENGINEER PZ-67 made entirely of Cr-Mo steel. It weighs 265 g and has a length of 175 mm, the locking tongue is green, easy to find in the tool kit.

The special shape of the handles has the role of increasing the clamping pressure while reducing the actuation effort. The hand will be more rested after multiple actions.

Equipped with a quick release mechanism, you only need to open the handles to unlock the clamping jaws.


Grab and remove a stuck or broken head screw in seconds. (Quick release with self-locking)

First place the upper jaw on the edge of the screw head and tighten the handles while holding the upper handle firmly. 

Self-locking jaws can automatically hold different workpiece sizes without pre-adjusting the opening width. (Max. opening of jaws: 35 mm in width)


User guide

Step 1: Pull up on the release lever to open the jaws.

Step 2: Hold the workpieces temporarily. The jaws automatically adjust for different sizes of screws or workpieces.

Step 3: Squeeze the handles firmly to click the lock. If necessary, the tightening force can be adjusted with the adjusting screw.

Adjusting the clamping force: First set the threaded rod of the screw to the middle position.

•  If the pliers do not fasten enough, turn the screw clockwise.
•  If you cannot click the lock, turn the screw counterclockwise.




1) The tool cannot remove specially hardened, heat treated or soldered screws.

2) Be sure to apply this tool to a screw head, but not to the thread.

Screw head size

Domed, flat or round head
Screw head: diameter between 3 – 9.5 mm


CODE   -   PZ-67  
Length  -  175 mm                 
Screw Head Size  -  3 - 9.5
Jaws Hardness   -  HRC57±3                         
Weight  -  265 g


  • Product type: Pliers
  • Pliers type: Auto-locking
  • Functions: Used screw extractor
  • Screw head diameter: 3 – 9.5 mm
  • Color: Black/green
  • Material: Carbon steel
  • Length: 175 mm
  • Weight: 265 g
  • Protection working under voltage: No
  • Package Contents: ENGINEER PZ-67 automatic self-locking pliers with screw extractor

Product recommended by the Romanian Association of Electricians!

Package Contents: 1 x Cleste autoblocant cu extractor suruburi uzate, reglare automata, ENGINEER PZ-67, 175 mm

Material: Otel carbon, Elastomer

Overall length: 175 mm

Protection working under voltage: Nu

Color: Black, Green

Produced: Made in Japan

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